Modern Appleford Estate wedding in Villanova, PA.

Appleford Estate Wedding:
Lindsey + Matt

Appleford Estate is easily one of our top outdoor wedding venues in the Philadelphia area. The rose garden, the open lawn for games during cocktail hour, the giant tree shading the ceremony, the historical stone home…it all makes for a perfect place to enjoy a garden wedding. Also, did I mention there was a dog […]

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First look Philadelphia wedding Fitler Square

First Look at Fitler Square
Erin + John

A bride and groom’s first look is one of my favorite parts of the wedding day. There is so much anticipation and planning leading up to this one moment. Erin and John’s first look really embodied what we love about it. Look at John’s face. It’s all right there; the smile, the excitement, the slight […]

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Bride gets ready before her unique wedding ceremony.

Kimmel Center Wedding

A sneak peek of Caitlin & Stephen’s wedding that started at the prep school where they met as kids and ended at the The Kimmel Center‘s Hamilton Garden. How cute are her sneaks? Love how she had such a romantic bridal look and then hid sequined Converse All Stars underneath. You’ll see her beautifully hand-knit […]

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cira center wedding photo bride and groom glass

Cira Centre Wedding:
Amanda + Ryan

More beautiful pictures from Amanda and Ryan’s Cira Centre wedding to come!

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Unique City Hall elopement wedding ceremony in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Elopement at City Hall:
Stephanie + Matt

Elopements and city hall weddings are my new favorite thing. The intimacy, the subtle excitement, the fact that I’m sometimes the only witness. All of the extraneous details have been stripped away to leave raw emotion and honestly, just a really lovely, no stress day. It doesn’t hurt that Philadelphia has the prettiest City Hall […]

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Lake Naomi Club in the Poconos of Pennsylvania is a unique outdoor venue for woodland weddings.

Favorite Moments of 2016

Aloha! Dutch and I are in Hawaii photographing a wedding (I know, it’s a rough life). Between lounging on the beach and stuffing ourselves with papayas and poke, we finally sat down at the computer to put together a few of our favorite moments from 2016. It was an eventful year for us, full of […]

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Winter Wedding in Philadelphia
featured on Philly In Love

Waking up to snow falling makes me incredibly happy. And it’s one of those perks that comes with working from home; hey, we stayed up til midnight working so we can totally sleep in, make pancakes this morning and watch the snow fall. Oh, it’s still snowing? That’s when we throw on our cross country […]

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Fernbrook farms fall engagement session

Fernbrook Farms Engagement Session: Jackie + Tim

I love when the couples we’re photographing can relax and look at each other in a way that’s real, not because I asked them to, but because they are together at this very moment in the golden sun. It’s not easy to be photographed, or maybe it’s not easy to forget that you’re being photographed. […]

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Bride and groom photos outdoor park Philadelphia

Gulph Mills Wedding:
Lara + John

The little bit of rain Lara and John had on their wedding day was just enough to give an ethereal quality to the light. Just lovely. The veil blowing, the mist, and two people so happy it could have been a torrential rainstorm and I don’t think either of them would have cared. The night […]

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Modern outdoor bridal portrait on Philadelphia cobblestone street.

American Swedish Historical Museum:
Jill + Zach’s Wedding

First of all, I had the pleasure of photographing Jill and Zach’s rehearsal dinner at Percy Street BBQ. Perfect spot for a fun, rowdy, lip-smacking party before the big day. BBQ and weddings just go hand in hand (ok, not really, but Dutch and I had bbq at our own wedding so I’m partial). I […]

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Unique urban portraits of the bride and groom in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia City Hall Elopement:
Jessica + Austin

They drove from Michigan. They thought Philadelphia’s City Hall was a beautiful building, perfect place to elope and be married. So why not? Road trip! Extra special, amazing, life-altering road trip. They brought along their Self-Uniting Marriage Certificate and met me at City Hall. First step, find two witnesses. That was fun! Dilworth Plaza was […]

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Valley Forge Engagement Session
Anna + Glenn

Anna and Glenn are getting married this weekend! Though we were already booked for their wedding date, we had the pleasure of photographing them for their engagement session last fall. Best of luck to them this Saturday!  

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Top of The Tower Wedding:
Jeri + John

It couldn’t get much more dramatic than being on the 51th floor balcony of The Top of the Tower just as a storm was passing. We had ominous dark skies to the south slashed with pops of heat lightning, Jeri’s gown was blowing in whispy clouds around her hips and John’s face looked like he […]

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Bride and groom pose in Independence Park, Philadelphia.

Luciens Wedding: Diane + Dean

It seems to be the year of rainy weddings, but once again we got lucky. At Diane and Dean’s, we got in a few minutes of outdoor pictures before it started raining (again). Ever prepared, QA Designs team pulled out the umbrellas and we took cover! Maybe twenty minutes later the rain passed and we […]

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Stormy Skies at Top of the Tower

So, if you saw Jeri and John’s engagement session post, you’ll remember that John has a thing for weather. No, he loves weather. Since he was a kid, he’s been obsessed with it. He also loves photography. In John’s opinion, nothing could be better than a great big lightning storm happening outside the windows of […]

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Bride and groom stand in a doorway at the College of Physicians

College of Physicians Wedding:
Kate + Ben

Kate and Ben got married in a museum known for medical oddities (which made us love them from the start). A stroll past the wedding cake and down the stairs leads you to highlights such as the conjoined liver of famous Siamese twins Chang and Eng. And the skeleton of the tallest giant in North […]

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Stoner Courtyard & Vetri Wedding: Rachel + Bill

Besides an elopement we photographed with just the bride and groom, Rachel and Bill’s was the smallest, most intimate wedding we’ve ever photographed. It was delightful. Close family and a handful of friends, 16 in total. Just enough to fill the upstairs table at Vetri. Yes, Vetri. They did it right. Perhaps the best dinner […]

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Terrain at Styers Wedding:
Larissa + Eric

A cheese cake, ladies and gentlemen. No, not cheesecake. We are literally talking about a tower of cheese. And since Eric is a chef and built the cake himself, you can imagine he used some deliciously stinky cheese, too. It was divine. Love this wedding, these two people, this whole group of friends and family. […]

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Terrain at Styers Wedding Teaser

We can’t get enough of this garden wedding. Terrain is so charming and as for Larissa and Eric, well, they’re just about as cute as you can find. They’re also our neighbors, our friends, and dog park buddies…we actually met through Doc and Leo, woof woof.

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Mamma’s Wedding Dress

Larissa pulled up wearing her mother’s wedding dress, a leather moto jacket, a big grin, and happy sad tears. Her mamma would have been so proud. Heart of gold, this girl. We have so many beautiful pictures of her and Eric’s Terrain wedding to share, but on Mother’s Day, I just had to post this […]

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