Winter Wedding in Philadelphia
featured on Philly In Love

Waking up to snow falling makes me incredibly happy. And it’s one of those perks that comes with working from home; hey, we stayed up til midnight working so we can totally sleep in, make pancakes this morning and watch the snow fall. Oh, it’s still snowing? That’s when we throw on our cross country skies and tour through South Philly! I kid you not. If you’ve seen someone skiing the streets of Philadelphia, it was probably us. Even my parents in Montana randomly saw footage of our urban skiing adventure on PBS one winter (good to know the creepy guy in a van with camera was legit!). Fact is, we adore winter so it’s always fun when we have a few brave couples who choose to get married in the cold months. It’s not without it’s challenges, but I think it’s worth the pay-off when you see how unique the decor can be.

To go along with this snowstorm, Philly in Love featured of one of our favorite winter weddings – Philadelphia Racquet Club Winter Wedding. The decor was filled with pine cones, gold-fringed spruce boughs, and my favorite part of Kaitlyn and Brad’s wedding – puffs of raw cotton. Here are a few pictures from their cozy winter wedding in center city.

Philadelphia Racquet Club Winter wedding pinecone details

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