Stormy Skies at Top of the Tower

So, if you saw Jeri and John’s engagement session post, you’ll remember that John has a thing for weather. No, he loves weather. Since he was a kid, he’s been obsessed with it. He also loves photography. In John’s opinion, nothing could be better than a great big lightning storm happening outside the windows of the 50th floor where their wedding was taking place. Wait, let me clarify. John’s no dummy. He didn’t want rain on his wedding day, he wanted rain on his wedding evening (after pictures of course). Here was the game plan: glorious sun for pictures, a rollicking thunderstorm with some lightning around ceremony time, which would naturally lead to one of the best sunsets ever (because that’s what you get after storms and John knows this). I pointed out that Jeri was very tolerant of his weather dreams considering most brides are a tad superstitious regarding the whole rain factor.

Lo and behold, John’s weather request was granted almost to precision, with the little exception that the rain came an hour or two early (during pictures, doh!). Jeri laughed in amazement and didn’t even blame John for somehow getting all he ever dreamed of. And the pictures on the balcony after the storm? Epic. Soft golden light with big dark angry storm clouds overhead. There are so many to share, but here’s a little taste.




And a few from the start of their day (loved these bridesmaid’s dresses)…




We managed to get a few pictures in at the Rodin Museum before the rain took us by surprise.




Their dance is another story, stay tuned!

We’ll include a full wedding team list when we post more, but have to say Proud to Plan was an amazing presence. They are on top of their game, calm and just all around fun to be with.

You will hear from us shortly