Philadelphia Fishtown Engagement Session locations

Kate + Jeff:
Fishtown Engagement Session

These two are getting married this Saturday at Power Plant Productions! We are so excited!

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Ten Tips for Great Rainy Day Wedding Photos

If there’s one thing we hear our couples worry about most in regards to their wedding, it’s the weather. But I swear to you, it’s going to be okay no matter how much rain comes down. Below are ten tips to ensure you’ll have gorgeous rainy day wedding photos… 1. Love Your Venue Choose a wedding venue that you […]

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Family Farm Wedding Philadelphia

Sweetwater’s 2018 Favorite Moments

When someone asks us to photograph their wedding, it is an honor. It is a big responsibility to be tasked with and we don’t take it lightly. We love to photograph, to document people’s story, to create beautiful portraits. But what has really stuck with us over the years, what really makes us love what […]

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Art Museum Engagement Session

Boat House Row Engagement:
Kate + Ray

Loving this engagement session photographed by Sam, our super talented and sweet associate photographer. Kate and Ray are getting married in just two months and if these photos are any indication, it’s going to be incredible.        

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Monica + Justin: A Super 8mm Wedding
at the Michener Art Museum

Where is a better place to get married and make art-y Super 8mm films than at an actual art museum? Monica and Justin’s choice of the Michener Art Museum was perfecto. We love shooting in the outside courtyard spaces and making use of the multiple sculpture gardens. The Doylestown institution has multiple galleries and other hidden […]

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Schuylkill River Gazebo Engagement

Art Museum Engagement:
Katie + Joe

Despite getting caught in a downpour on my bike ride over to meet Katie and Joe at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the rain cleared up 10 minutes later and we had the most beautiful light you can ask for for their engagement session. It’s always tricky trying to decide whether or not to postpone […]

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Diane + Doug: Aronimink Wedding

A few favorites from Diane and Doug’s beautiful wedding at Aronimink Golf Club. Our favorite part? Definitely their wedding party. It was made up of Diane’s 3 kids and Doug’s 3 kids. It was so sweet seeing Doug’s son adjust his tie and Diane’s twin boys walk her down the aisle. Each of their daughter’s helped Diane […]

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(featuring Laura & August)

I’m seriously going to miss Ludlow at Laura and August’s wedding next week. This pup was the absolute sweetest, most cuddly little thing. Ludlow was such a baby, he got tired out and we had to bring him home after about 20 minutes of photographing. I got to carry him as he napped in my […]

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Historic Philadelphia Wedding Portraits

Cira Centre Atrium Wedding:
Hope + Matt

We always say that something goes wrong at every wedding no matter how much you plan. All that really matters, is how you handle the hiccup. Can you laugh and roll with it? Hope and Matt certainly did. They had a fire alarm go off at their wedding, forcing all the guests to evacuate. The […]

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Lake House Inn Wedding Pennsylvania

The Lake House Inn Wedding:
Jackie + Nate

The cold wind couldn’t stop the warmth radiating from Jackie and Nate at their beautiful Lake House Inn wedding. We couldn’t be happier for these two bright shining souls. We first met them at Keri & Kelley’s wedding where Jackie astounded us with her limbo abilities (which, by the way, she bravely did again at their reception, […]

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St. George Greek Wedding:
Cynthia + Terry’s film

Let me start by saying there are weddings (great ones, of course) and then there are Greek weddings. As much as we knew certain events and dances and toasts, etc were going to happen, we could not have imagined the vigor Cynthia and Terry’s wedding had. It was everything all at once…elegant and welcoming, decadent […]

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Philadelphia Museum of Art Wedding:
Sara + Steve’s Film

Sara and Steve’s wedding at the Philadelphia Museum of Art was beyond stunning. If you’ve ever been at the bottom of the Great Stair Hall staring up at Diana or shadowed by the Calder floating above you, you know the feeling of that space. Grand is an understatement. Now, enter Sara and Steve as they […]

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Villanova Outdoor Wedding Portraits

Inn at Grace Winery Wedding:
Katrina + Colin

A wedding at Grace Winery is always special with the lush vineyards, stone barn, and gorgeous amphitheater. But Katrina and Colin’s wedding was different. Their vows more potent, their gaze more intense. I suppose the entire wedding day felt almost surreal to them after the trials they had endured to get here. When you see Colin’s face when […]

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Philadelphia Church Wedding Exit

St. George Greek Wedding:
Cynthia + Terry

The Greeks know how to throw a party. Never before have we experienced a reception quite this full of traditional dancing + laughter + and money flying everywhere. During each dance (first dance, parents dances, any dance really) guests would come up one by one and rain money down onto the couple. The band would […]

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Vintage Wedding Venue Space

Bok Wedding: Alex + Nate

Was it a wedding or the best taco party you’ve ever been to? That’s a toss-up, but Alex and Nate’s Bok wedding ceremony on the rooftop overlooking Philadelphia was unmatchable. From the painted cactus paddles to the margaritas and churros, this wedding fiesta was one of our favorites. Bok is one of the most unique […]

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Emelie + Anthony: A Super 8mm Wedding at Grace Winery

We were back at the Inn at Grace Winery, and happily so. As you may know we love shooting here, especially with Super8. The farm, animals, barn, meadows, space for sunlight…all a great recipe for a fun film. Ahh, the vineyard, can’t forget shooting in there. And we couldn’t have been luckier to find ourselves […]

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Philadelphia Art Museum Wedding

Philadelphia Museum of Art Wedding:
Sara + Stephen

A wedding at the Philadelphia Museum of Art is bound to be elegant, but Sara and Stephen’s wedding was outright stunning. There were clouds of baby’s breath adorning the long tables with giant tapestries gracing the walls behind. They had Christmas carolers and hot toddies to greet the guests coming in from the cold. Best of all, […]

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The Lucy Wedding Venue Philadelphia

Cescaphe Wedding:
Kerri + Mike

I’m pretty sure that Kerri is adored the world over, but none more so than by our 3 year-old-son. Dane first came home from school talking about his new best friend and though it took us a few days to figure out which kid it was, we finally realized it was Ms. Kerri, his beloved […]

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Katy + Jared: A Super 8mm
Wedding At Broadwater Farm

Broadwater Farm isn’t just a working farm or a farm-turned pastoral venue. It’s the childhood home of Katy and the Andersen family,  tucked in the rolling hills of the Phoenixville country-side. We’ve posted several times about Katy and Jared and their wedding. All of it is true…the beautiful landscape, the herds of sheep and cattle, the rare sighting of the hermetic […]

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Glen Foerd Mansion Wedding

Glen Foerd Mansion Wedding:
Tasha + Kevin

Combine a lovely historic mansion, a ceremony site overlooking the Delaware River, and a pretty wrap-around porch and you’ve got the perfect outdoor wedding venue. Glen Foerd Mansion is just near enough to Philadelphia to be convenient, but far enough to feel like you’re out in the country. We love this venue because it’s grand, […]

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