Mallard Island Yacht Club Wedding: Marisa + Alex’s film

Marisa and Alex have spent their lives following each other as they  follow the currents of their careers. Marisa, a traveling nurse. Alex, a ranking officer in the Navy submarine division. They’ve traveled coast to coast and back and then back again as their currents take them. Naturally it was fitting for these two to get married sea-side (in Marisa’s home region) at the Mallard Island Yacht Club in Manahawkin, NJ.

In Alex’s vows he referenced currents pushing and pulling these two together and apart throughout their relationship. As a submarine commander this guy knows a thing or two about working with currents as they move within one’s trajectory. As he referenced all things powerful I naturally looked out the window for a moment and watched a soft set of waves roll in on shore and thought about the currents that have led me right here, photographing this wedding. And I felt thankful.

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