Family Farm Wedding: Paul + Kelsey’s Film

Farm weddings, we love them. All of our personal associations aside, more often than not, days go by very smoothly on a farm wedding. Maybe it’s the pace of farm life. Maybe it’s the vistas. Maybe it’s that we all collectively are enjoying the fresh air. Whatever it is, things tend to move with ease when shooting on a family farm.

Or maybe it has to do with family. Where the family includes the curious outdoor dog and the gentle horses or just those at the table every night. Family is at the center on a farm. For Paul and Kelsey, this follows suit.

Kelsey is one of ten siblings and we were told during a touching toast that she is the glue tying them all together. While Paul is an only child, he has that pattern where all friends are like brothers and sisters. These two had quite a guest list enjoying the cool afternoon into evening reception under the starry sky and glowy tent top.

This wedding was complete; outside in a meadow for the ceremony, in amongst the horses and barn for cocktail, dinner and dancing under the big top tent and lounging outdoors, fire-side on couches, with late-night burgers from the Shake Shack truck. It was as fun as it sounds. Congrats to Kelsey and Paul. Enjoy!

We were there photographing as well. It worked in the still image world just as well. Check it out.

Family Farm Wedding Details Tent for reception.

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