Kaitlyn + Brad:
A Super8 Wedding at the Racquet Club of Philadelphia

I’d be willing to bet that when Kaitlyn and Brad met one of the two was dancing. More specifically, spinning while dancing. They’re both so good at it. Just watch the film and see how anyone who hangs out with either one of them ends up spinning. Kids can’t stop spinning. Even Kaitlyn’s dress spins […]

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Leather Moto Jacket for Wedding?
Yes Please.

As the fall air gets chilly, I was just thinking about how much I loved Christie’s leather moto jacket she wore to her wedding last year. It was a cold day in November, a storm was brewing and it was quite windy. Christie decided she wanted to brave the elements and while we were only […]

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(in the snow)

And you thought it was cold outside in the snow. This is my friend and next door neighbor. We climb over each other’s roof decks to hang out all summer so we thought it was the perfect place to take some photos when it started snowing. Rather than barefoot with beers in the hot sun, […]

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Kelley + Bryan: engaged

Kelley, Bryan and I had a good time taking photos on this lovely farm. Alvin, their charismatic dog, had an AMAZING time. We’ll save that story for another time to share over a beer. The pony’s alright.

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Power Plant Productions Wedding:
Christie + Matt

I’ve never seen a girl so pretty have zero interest in being photographed, and yet that’s the charm of Christie. No wonder Matt fell for her, she has an effortless beauty that is truly stunning. When she pulled on a black leather motorcycle jacket over her lace dress to fight the bitter chill, the look […]

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