Kaitlyn + Brad:
A Super8 Wedding at the Racquet Club of Philadelphia

I’d be willing to bet that when Kaitlyn and Brad met one of the two was dancing. More specifically, spinning while dancing. They’re both so good at it. Just watch the film and see how anyone who hangs out with either one of them ends up spinning. Kids can’t stop spinning. Even Kaitlyn’s dress spins on it’s own.

Well, I do know, as fact, that their first date was at a formal ballroom party that included dancing. And ever since then they’ve just been gettin’ down and enjoying life with each other. By the looks of the film everyone they’ve known is in full support of these two and their perpetual motion. It’s very contagious. If you are in need of dancing inspiration, or just a great example of two people excited about their life together, press play (and type the password first).

***password = super8

As usual, we photographed the day as well as Julie posted here.


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