Philadelphia Art Museum Wedding

Philadelphia Museum of Art Wedding:
Sara + Stephen

A wedding at the Philadelphia Museum of Art is bound to be elegant, but Sara and Stephen’s wedding was outright stunning. There were clouds of baby’s breath adorning the long tables with giant tapestries gracing the walls behind. They had Christmas carolers and hot toddies to greet the guests coming in from the cold. Best of all, […]

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Stormy Skies at Top of the Tower

So, if you saw Jeri and John’s engagement session post, you’ll remember that John has a thing for weather. No, he loves weather. Since he was a kid, he’s been obsessed with it. He also loves photography. In John’s opinion, nothing could be better than a great big lightning storm happening outside the windows of […]

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Bride and groom pose with their dog at the College of Physicians

College of Physicians Wedding

Sneak peek for Kate and Ben!

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Fort Tryon Park Wedding

A sneak peek for Julie and Jesse. That’s Julie Melton & Jesse Chan-Norris. Why is this important? Because my name is Julie Melton. Wait, what?  I’ll tell you the story tomorrow. Look how happy they are!

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Horticulture Center Wedding:
Megan + Kevin

A candlelit, romantic winter wedding ceremony at the Fairmount Park Horticulture Center and a wild, rollicking reception afterwards. This was a great one…

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Cira Centre Atrium Wedding:
Daphne + Jack

It’s not often that we photograph morning weddings, but when we do it’s so refreshing. Daphne and Jack’s wedding at the Cira Centre Atrium at JG Domestic was on a rainy Sunday morning that made the light absolutely perfect as it poured through the wall of windows and lit the room. Daphne and Jack’s wedding […]

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