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Life During the Pandemic

One day at a time. Everyone is feeling a lot of uncertainty about what the coming months will bring. We’ve spent the last few weeks talking to our couples and working with them to reschedule their weddings. It’s heart-breaking and stressful for them, especially those that can’t find dates in 2020. We’re here to help and do anything we can to alleviate this burden and come up with a new date. Whatever date your wedding lands on, you still have each other. There is much to be thankful for. The health of your family, friends and community must be the focus.

Remember that this pandemic is affecting everyone in different ways. Our brave, selfless health care workers are putting their own health at risk daily to literally save the world. Small businesses are struggling to make it through months and months with no income. Those lucky souls who are able to continue working from home often have the frustration of juggling work with child care and even teaching. It’s impossible to balance all of that. And all the while, we’re trying to stay healthy, not only to protect ourselves but to protect all those around us. We all feel burdened by the gravity of this global pandemic and it’s hard to stop obsessively checking the news.

Best Philadelphia Rooftop Wedding Venue

Yet we must greet this challenge with love and strength and we’ve seen that all around us here in Philadelphia. Our neighbors have been making masks for hospital workers, donating hand sanitizer, offering to pick up groceries for those in need or just offering food or supplies to those who are out of work. It is uplifting to be surrounded by so much positivity, care and love. We don’t live in a neighborhood of hoarders (who has space to hoard in the city anyway?), we live in a neighborhood of givers. For that I am grateful. It gives me hope.

Unique fall bouquet at hotel Lokal in Philadelphia.

We’ve taken a few weeks break from social media and blogging to focus on helping our clients reschedule and to prepare for our baby (due in 4 weeks!).  That said, we’ll start posting weddings from the past year that we’re behind on because I know a lot of couples are valiantly trying to plan their wedding from home. I hope the blog posts serve as inspiration and give you access to all the wonderful, talented wedding vendors in Philadelphia. We will get back to normal. You will celebrate with your friends and family.

Be well, stay safe and find some light in this darkness.

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