Philadelphia Museum of Art Wedding:
Sara + Steve’s Film

Sara and Steve’s wedding at the Philadelphia Museum of Art was beyond stunning. If you’ve ever been at the bottom of the Great Stair Hall staring up at Diana or shadowed by the Calder floating above you, you know the feeling of that space. Grand is an understatement.

Now, enter Sara and Steve as they decend for their first dance. It was stunning, indeed. What was most impressive with the space was the mix of grandeur and intimacy as guests flowed from long tables set amongst tapestries and galleries, right down to a dance floor at the base of the hall.

Sara and Steve were a pleasure to work with, open to our professional opinions of the technical, and ready for anything creative we had in mind. For now let me congratulate these two and please enjoy their short format film of their day, as well.

Sweetwater was snapping away on both photo and video for this one.
Check out some photos if you like photos.

Stunning Wedding Portrait Philadelphia

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