Emelie + Anthony: A Super 8mm Wedding at Grace Winery

We were back at the Inn at Grace Winery, and happily so. As you may know we love shooting here, especially with Super8. The farm, animals, barn, meadows, space for sunlight…all a great recipe for a fun film. Ahh, the vineyard, can’t forget shooting in there.

And we couldn’t have been luckier to find ourselves with Emelie + Anthony. Two fellow Philadelphians pulling together a touching ceremony in the outdoors and a great dance party to celebrate. That ceremony was something else, though; Emelie’s impressive procession down into the amphitheater with accompanying strings while Anthony waited, holding back tears. There were so many friends and family involved from a best friend who presided over the ceremony, to Emelie’s sister who sang and of course Anthony’s son, Theo, who was excited to be a part of the festivities.

Congratulations Emelie and Anthony, it was beautiful and we were all moved.

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