The Lucy Wedding Venue Philadelphia

Cescaphe Wedding:
Kerri + Mike

I’m pretty sure that Kerri is adored the world over, but none more so than by our 3 year-old-son. Dane first came home from school talking about his new best friend and though it took us a few days to figure out which kid it was, we finally realized it was Ms. Kerri, his beloved teacher. This former 76ers dancer has a big heart and she married Mike, a man just as sweet, generous and talented as she is.

Their wedding at Vie was spectacular with the dance floor dripping with flowers overhead and the tables laden with candles and roses. Kerri and Mike were faced with a multitude of challenges during the wedding planning process so we were so thrilled to see the day unfold for them without a hitch. In fact, it exceeded their expectations. Even the downpour couldn’t break their smiles. We couldn’t have been happier for them.

We did have to make some last-minute changes to our plans because of the rain, but the photos were even more dramatic and beautiful because of it. It’s unexpected weather issues that makes it key to have experienced photographers on your team. We went from planning to do outdoor photos during golden hour to being stuck in traffic in the rain as it quickly became dark. We adjusted our plans on the fly, drove right to City Hall, and grabbed all our lights. Kerri’s dress was so dramatic and lovely, we decided to place them on the steps to cascade her dress down and then add a light behind to give it all more depth and drama. It pushed our creative and technical skills and I think the photos turned out even more beautiful than our initial plan. Thankfully Kerri and Mike weren’t afraid to grab an umbrella and run through the rain to get to our favorite spot!

We always appreciate when a couple can roll with the unexpected and not worry so much about how they imagined their day would be, but how awesome it is in that moment just exactly how it is. All our best to Kerri and Mike!

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