Katy + Jared: A Super 8mm
Wedding At Broadwater Farm

Broadwater Farm isn’t just a working farm or a farm-turned pastoral venue. It’s the childhood home of Katy and the Andersen family,  tucked in the rolling hills of the Phoenixville country-side.

We’ve posted several times about Katy and Jared and their wedding. All of it is true…the beautiful landscape, the herds of sheep and cattle, the rare sighting of the hermetic sheep-dog Loki, the fireworks…it goes on and it was amazing. What stands out above all of this is the warm, welcoming and inclusive nature of Katy, Jared and both families. The Andersen’s welcomed us like kin and could not have made anything easier for us to do our best. They all were up for anything at any point, enjoying every minute.

And that’s really what you want, not only from a cinematographer point-of-view but also from a couple’s mind-space. To be present and a part of your family and friends as they arrive, to soaking-up the photo session times you’ve carved out. To be cliche you are making memories with us. But above that, you are living those memories while making them. So make the most of it.

Super8 has that unique ability to give visual documentation to memories. It can live in that subconscious zone of visual play. Sure, it can create nostalgia. So can other mediums. But it taps into mind recognition and feelings, giving you back the vital joy of experiences past. Try Super8, even shooting for yourself. You won’t go back. Or at least enjoy this film.

*** You’ll need this password: super8

You’ve seen the pictures but go ahead…have another look here.

Bride and Groom Style at Farm Wedding

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