Alyson + Craig:
A Super8 Wedding at The Reeds

As anyone who follows our blog may know, we love winter. We love snow and mountains and even the cold. One of our official first dates was Julie organizing a multi-day cross country ski/winter camping expedition. Now I’m game for camping and the cold and mountains but you have to know that I’m interested in someone when I’ve never cross country skied, ever, and I sign up for a multi-day trip with a 40 lb pack on my back. And I had to swallow my pride as a snowboarder and get on two planks (truth be told I now prefer back-country cross country ski camping even more than snowboarding these days). Needless to say, she won me over and we had a cold and fun weekend in the northern Vermont wilderness.

I guess where I’m going with this, is, that as much as I like the snow and cold today here in Philly, this warm summer beach film sure looks like fun. Alyson and Craig were so easy to film and gave us ample time to be creative. That time to create is key to a great Super8 film. Warmth and sun helps too but Super8 is a fun time no matter what the temp. The Reeds at Shelter Haven kept it cool and modern inside and the sun kept it warm beach-side.

Here we have shore houses, inside jokes, excited/nervousness, hugs from parents, best-friends fixing you just right, beach-side wedding, cocktail party bay-side, open veranda spilling onto dance floor, dance floor that just won’t quit & two people loving their day. Enjoy.

*** You’ll need this password: super8

And enjoy some more beach-y warmth with our images of Alyson and Craig’s day
(1/18th the fun of Super8 to be exact)

Bride and groom take portraits on the docks in New jersey.

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