Katie + Charlie:
A Super8 Wedding at Union League

We were both excited and nervous for Katie and Charlie’s wedding. Not for the obvious reasons that usually go along with shooting a wedding – not missing a moment, keeping everyone on schedule, traffic, etc.  But mainly because Julie was due to deliver our first baby anytime around that weekend. So you could say there was a little bit of nerves.

Thankfully, the Brown/Biddles had our back. Katie’s mom, Debbie, reassured us that it’d be “just fine” if Julie went into labor at the reception and Katie’s dad, Al, even offered to help with the delivery if need-be. And that’s funny, but if it had gone down that way, I know I would have seen Katie, Charlie and their family right by my side cheering Julie on. As it turns out we had our baby boy a week later on 11/27. Charlie’s grandmother immediately sent him a hand-knit tuxedo sweater.

So here is the film of Katie and Charlie’s wedding at the Union League of Philadelphia. Photos to come soon.

And here’s to new friends that feel like old friends.

***Password = super8

and here is a photo for proof:


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