Unique City Hall elopement wedding ceremony in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Elopement at City Hall:
Stephanie + Matt

Elopements and city hall weddings are my new favorite thing. The intimacy, the subtle excitement, the fact that I’m sometimes the only witness. All of the extraneous details have been stripped away to leave raw emotion and honestly, just a really lovely, no stress day. It doesn’t hurt that Philadelphia has the prettiest City Hall […]

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Philadelphia City Hall wedding Elopment pictures

Philadelphia City Hall Wedding: Stephanie + Matt

Can I tell you how much I love a City Hall wedding? The buzzing excitement of a couple eloping? If you need a pick-me-up just go hang around the NE corner of City Hall on a Thursday at 3:00 pm. It’s like electrons are in the air. You see the anticipation, the looks exchanged with […]

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Lake Naomi Club in the Poconos of Pennsylvania is a unique outdoor venue for woodland weddings.

Favorite Moments of 2016

Aloha! Dutch and I are in Hawaii photographing a wedding (I know, it’s a rough life). Between lounging on the beach and stuffing ourselves with papayas and poke, we finally sat down at the computer to put together a few of our favorite moments from 2016. It was an eventful year for us, full of […]

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