Portraits of the bride before her wedding ceremony in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Oahu Wedding at 53 By the Sea:
Cristina + Jeff

Aloha! On this rainy, dreary day let’s bask in the Hawaiin sun for a bit. Cristina and Jeff both grew up on Oahu and live there now. Can you imagine? Being surrounded by palm trees and turquoise waters every day? Growing up and having that in your backyard? Oh, it was so much fun to […]

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Dutch’s Eye

I love how we see so differently. Dutch and I just returned from an amazing month-long trip to Southeast Asia and our pictures could not be more different. Dutch brought his iPhone and I brought a Lumix point-and-shoot. You probably think it’s strange, us being photographers, that we don’t take “real” cameras when traveling to […]

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I Beat the Barracuda

  It’s true. Until our trip to Barbados last month, I had been bullied at every single reef we had ever snorkeled. A Mexican barracuda even charged me once. Didn’t matter what country we were in or who else was in the water, the Barracuda has always disliked me. In Barbados, I ate that Barracuda […]

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