Union League wedding classic elegant bride Philadelphia

Union League Wedding
Sarah + Jordan

A few favorites from this stunning Union League wedding because I just can’t wait any longer.

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College of Physicians outside courtyard wedding

College of Physicians Wedding:
Betsy + Andrew

Betsy and Andrew’s wedding was just as cool as we knew it would be. These two first met at Bob and Barbara’s, Philly’s favorite dive bar, so when they were throwing around the idea of meeting at the bar for their first look we knew this was going to be a fun day. Nothing like toasting the […]

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Bride and groom stand in a doorway at the College of Physicians

College of Physicians Wedding:
Kate + Ben

Kate and Ben got married in a museum known for medical oddities (which made us love them from the start). A stroll past the wedding cake and down the stairs leads you to highlights such as the conjoined liver of famous Siamese twins Chang and Eng. And the skeleton of the tallest giant in North […]

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