Having a Baby During a Global Pandemic

I am nine months pregnant. Our baby is due in less than 3 weeks! And yes, that exclamation point encompasses our excitement and our fears. It has been an emotional past few weeks. I have always had a positive attitude toward the birth process. When I gave birth to Dane four years ago, it was […]

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Every winter, Dutch and I take off on a backpacking adventure somewhere exotic and challenging. This winter, we took on a new challenge and we’re loving every minute with this little guy. Here is Dane Cassidy Huff.     

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Julie’s Eye
Thailand & Laos

One year ago today, Dutch and I were on a 35 hour flight home from our trip to Thailand & Laos. It was my birthday and because of the time difference I had 36 hours of guilt-free decadent birthday eating (or at least as decadent as you can find in an airport). I managed 3 […]

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Big Sky

Before shooting Hana & Wes’s wedding in the Black Hills of South Dakota, we detoured to Montana to visit my family and get our fix of sky. Summer days are long when we’re in Montana, both in sunlight and feeling. There is a dirt lane that runs between the wheat fields of my parent’s farm […]

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My Mom

It’s Mother’s Day and I’m missing my mom. She lives in Montana. I live in PA. A bit of a distance for brunch. Even with the distance, she manages to make me feel more loved than any kid has a right to be loved. When I moved 2,000 miles away from home after college to […]

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Dutch’s Eye

I love how we see so differently. Dutch and I just returned from an amazing month-long trip to Southeast Asia and our pictures could not be more different. Dutch brought his iPhone and I brought a Lumix point-and-shoot. You probably think it’s strange, us being photographers, that we don’t take “real” cameras when traveling to […]

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I Beat the Barracuda

  It’s true. Until our trip to Barbados last month, I had been bullied at every single reef we had ever snorkeled. A Mexican barracuda even charged me once. Didn’t matter what country we were in or who else was in the water, the Barracuda has always disliked me. In Barbados, I ate that Barracuda […]

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The Passing of Frau Vega, my very first car

Today I said goodbye to Frau Vega, my very first car. I’ve had her since high school. Fifteen years with the same car, that’s almost half of my entire life! The tow truck came and loaded her up, her front tires squealing in resistance.  Dutch parodied my car saying “no, Julie! Why???” and I shed […]

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Happy New Year!

Hello friends, followers and the newly engaged! Happy New Year. We’re a little late on the wishing, but there’s something about the new year that puts us into overdrive mode organizing and taking care of all of those little tasks that slip into oblivion when we’re in the midst of wedding season. So, thank you […]

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A Himalayan Thanksgiving at 17,769 feet

Time to give thanks. It’s been a tough few months dealing with my ruptured Achilles, complications, etc;       100 days and counting since I’ve walked without crutches. It’s easy to dwell on such things, so instead I want to finally share what we were doing last year at this time. One year ago on Thanksgiving Day, […]

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San Miguel de Allende Wedding:
Fiamma + TJ + Vacation!

Mexico! Not just for any wedding, but for Dutch’s brother TJ’s marriage to Fiamma. It was a fantastic trip. Fiamma actually grew up in San Miguel and it is so pretty; full of colorful 17th-18th century colonial houses, a towering pink cathedral, steep cobblestone streets, and very tasty food. First, I have to say we […]

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Achilles Last Stand

There is always the “What If” factor that haunts a wedding photographer; a nagging fear of injury, illness, or accident that would keep us from photographing a wedding. So, when the “What If’ finally caught up with me while playing volleyball and I fell to the floor in agony, my first reaction was literally “Nooooo! […]

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Owen + Charles: Celebrating 10 Years

It was a perfect soiree full of toasts and laughs and the warmth of good friends. We were proud to be celebrating this milestone with them and happy to have also pulled off the surprise. Against all of the illogical and archaic laws that currently prevent Owen and Charles from marrying in the state of […]

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