Grace Winery Wedding:
Katrina + Colin’s Film

Sometimes it’s the small moments that carry the most weight in our lives.  Of knowing, “Yes, this is it…this is my place”. For Colin, it was when Katrina spoke his name when asked who her proxy was for her brain surgery. The role of fiancé suddenly taking on new meaning. Husband. Family.

A very long engagement and a multitude of brain surgeries led Katrina and Colin to this day. When they stood on the altar and recited their vows, they had the look of someone who had just won. Big. When you hear Colin’s speech to Katrina describing what it was like wondering if she would know him on the altar, it just breaks your heart. But it also uplifts you because here they are. They made it.

Just a few weeks ago Katrina had a very successful FINAL brain surgery. We were so grateful for that news.

We wish Katrina and Colin a lifetime of happiness and health.

On a side note, this is Sweetwater’s FIRST FILM! OK, we’ve been offering up Super8 films for years so that’s not quite accurate. But we launched the cinematography arm of Sweetwater just this year and I can’t imagine a better couple to lead with than Katrina + Colin and their amazing story.

You will hear from us shortly