Alisha + Ryan:
A Super 8mm Wedding in NYCountry

Oh man, what’s not to love here?
– Fun timin’ couple who pretty much said “you guys do your thing” as the only direction for us on their day
– Dapper suit and dance-y dress
– Hill Country BBQ joint filled with savory Texas style meats and tasty drinks (sure do love margaritas)
– Heal stompin’ band swinging country classics and rockabilly all night
– Found free parking in Manhattan just a couple doors from the venue
– Not only shot with Julie but also my brother TJ as our resident NYC shooter

Alisha and Ryan, please do it over again as soon as possible!

*** You’ll need this password: super8

Supporting us on camera, Sweetwater teamed up with a younger & skinnier version of me…Mr. Timothy J. Huff. Check out his work here.
Hungry for BBQ yet? I don’t have that for you but I’ve got some photographs of it here.

NYC Rockabilly Restaurant Wedding BBQ

You will hear from us shortly