Jackie + Tim:
A Super 8 Wedding at Fernbrook Farms

There are many favorite things about this film and the day we spent with Jackie and Tim. These two set themselves up for the exact day they wanted to share with family and friends. The secret was in the preparations, time and outlook on how everything unfolded. Let’s be honest, they had perfect weather on their day. True, not everyone does and we’ve experience that with people many times. But I can also vouch that the same mentality was key during another couple’s day when Hurricane Joaquin showed up to their beach wedding. I was shooting Super8 that day as well. Super8 thrives with sun light. But it also can pull off an amazing film with a horrendous storm as long as the couple is indeed having the best day of their life with the one they love. That’s what matters.

Back to Jackie and Tim…now it’s no secret that Fernbrook Farms is an exceptionally beautiful wedding venue. Here’s what it looks like from a photographer’s perspective: expansive meadows, fields for low light to rake through on sunset, lush east-coast forest, shade, space, a handsome estate, quirky and authentic ephemera, a bucolic working farm, super-friendly staff, excellent food/drink and service to keep the patrons happy, a clear top tent to let light in much much longer then normal (so key for tents), and it could go on…

My point is that through J + T’s preparations and hard work up front (Jackie hand lettered everything seen at the wedding from the Welcome Board to personalized table agate, and designed the invites…that list could go on), they were able to live out the day with friends and family just how they said they would: everyone styling everyone elses’ hair and make up, playing pool and ‘doing nothing really’. Stress couldn’t even crash their party. They got the day they casually talked about with us. And they got great photographs/film of two people having the best day of their life.

Here is my film of what that looks like.

***You’ll need this password: super8

We had this wedding covered top to bottom. And the photography isn’t half bad, either…here.


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