Crissy + Jeff:
A Super8 wedding in Hawaii

I don’t mind watching this film for the hundredth time on this rainy Philly morning. Let’s go to O’ahu, Hawaii, in specific the windward coast of Lanikai. A light trade wind blowing across turquoise water. Lush green mountains surrounding surf breaks. Yeah, I could get used to that. But for now, I’ll hit play again. Or maybe I could surprise Julie and Dane with one-way tickets for us? Doc too!

Yup, I could be neighbors with Jeff and Crissy right there in Lanikai. These two grew up on this beautiful island with all the poke and surf they wanted. Really, they still have all that and each other. Now they also have their super 8mm film of their wedding day to re-live. Check out this film and maybe you’ll find yourself in sunny Hawai’i sooner than later.

***You’ll need this password: super8

Julie covered the multi-day event thoroughly, with the help of local talent Rachel Robertson, a Montanan living in O’ahu. Check it out (again?!).

Bride walks along the pool outside before her wedding in Waikiki, Hawaii.

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