Matt + Sara:
A Super8 Wedding at Southern Mansion

Back in Cape May with a Super 8mm film at the Southern Mansion. Sara and Matt live nearby in South Philly and are lovers of all things outdoors. And as such planned a garden wedding in one of the nicest places in New Jersey…some would say the world. They told me the ceremony and the cocktail in the garden was the key events of the day. Nevertheless, as the week moved towards the date the weather did as well going from clear blue-sky loveliness to dark threats of a possible hurricane (I did hear this at one point). We are no stranger to filming in hurricanes as we shot in Hurricane Joaquin the previous year.

As it would turn out, Matt and Sara got their gorgeous blue sky garden wedding after all. It goes to show, you can’t sweat the weather.

***Don’t forget the password: super8

The wedding’s photography and cover shot for the Super8 film was shot by Cecilia Mizin of Twisted Oaks Studio.

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