The Julie Melton’s

So you’re the other Julie Melton.

Worlds collide. I’m at my doppelgänger’s wedding to photograph her and Jesse. We not only share the same name, but we’re both blonde and fair-skinned and the same age. We could probably pass as sisters. Weirder still, when we discovered each other we only lived 20 miles apart! Imagine how strange and wonderful this was to uncover.

I reached out to Julie more than ten years ago when Dutch & I were building my first website and I wanted Julie had beat me to it so I contacted her to see if she’d be interested in selling the domain name to me. No dice. But it was fun getting to know a little about each other and uncanny how many similarities there were. She was absolutely delightful.

Being the creative tech maven that she is, Julie has beat me to every social media name, handle, hashtag, email account out there. Which is partly why we’ve probably stayed in touch. Julie has been forwarding me emails almost as long as I’ve known her. Julie, I think this was meant for you…. and there is my my mom asking me if I like the sweater she sent me.

So after all this time, we finally met in New York this fall and decided Dutch and I would photograph their wedding at Fort Tryon Park. It was wonderful. We have so many pictures to share, but first wanted to share this story. Pictures of their gorgeous wedding coming in a few days!




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