Super 8mm wedding Front Palmer Philadelphia

Mike + Robin:
A Super8 Wedding at Front & Palmer

What goes better with Super8 than a fun-time couple whose immediate family owns a craft brewery? No need to actually answer that one but Mike and Robin are that couple and Crooked Eye was fueling the fun. Like I always says, “those who love craft beer love craft filmzzzz” -Dutch, 7/13/16

Good times had by all at Front & Palmer, regardless of your choice beverage. Besides the venue always hosting a great celebration, Paris (the band) is one of my favorite wedding bands, maybe the favorite. The main reason, besides their talent (which is obvious in their skillzzzz [no more zzzs, I promise] and thus the reason you would choose them) IS that you get the feeling this band wants to play for you. They really want to throw down their versions of songs. They want you to dance hard. All night. And at times grab someone tight. Obviously it’s not just a band, or venue, but seeing other professionals really care about their delivery and craft makes a difference to us, and everyone involved.

Which leads me back to craft beer, Crooked Eye (who has not paid me for this appreciator’s endorsement [yet]), and Mike and Robin. They knew Super8 would be the right fit on their day. They let me know that from the beginning and that made all the difference for me headed into their wedding. Craft beer, yes, I like it. And Crooked Eye…you should try some. Maybe while you do, check out this film. It pairs well.

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Have a look-see at the photos we captured during their day here.


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