Marc + Jenn: A Super8 Wedding at Mallard Island Yacht Club

A heavy sky loomed over the Mallard Island Yacht Club when we arrived to begin documenting Jenn and Marc’s day. I would have never guessed the weather was stormy when you entered the room with Jenn and her sisters and friends. And really, that’s how it should be. You are marrying the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and throwing a big party to celebrate. How bad is it really? And just to be clear, Marc and his guys were having a great time sipping whiskey, telling tall tales, trying to figure out how the boutonniere goes on (two pins?!). They suspiciously did quite well.

The sky pulled back and cleared when we moved outside, and rightfully, let the rain fall during the reception when we were throwing-down on the dance floor, ourselves. Jenn and Marc had a magnetism about them. During the ceremony they couldn’t help but try to kiss each other at every opportunity. They eventually won their way and the rest is here in this film. Well, actually all of it is here in this film. Enjoy.

***Password: super8

And we have the photos of the event to share as well.


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