Lake George Wedding Part 1:
Janine + Chris

This is a good story. Chris’s family’s home sits on the shore of Lake George in upstate New York. Janine’s family’s home sits a mere 3 minute walk through the pines from Chris’s. The two met when they were teenagers and spent the next 5 summers flirting and water skiing together (they even had their first kiss in the middle of the bay aboard a wave runner) . They lost touch during their college years, but finally reconnected in 2010. They’ve been inseparable ever since and decided to have their wedding on the front lawn of Chris’s family’s home. What’s not to love about that? It’s so romantic it’s almost unbelievable.

Our favorite part of the weekend? They even managed to squeeze in a few rounds of water skiing the morning of their wedding at 6:30 am!

Janine and Chris’s style and attention to the details was perfect. It’s not easy to pull off rustic and glam, but they did it with ease. They chose incredibly thoughtful gifts for their wedding party which you’ll see below. They created their own backdrop for a photo booth complete with vintage water skis and vintage fishing/camp ephemera. They stripped and aged wood stumps from behind the house to create the seating for the fire pit. I could go on and on, but I’ll save some for Part 2. This will lead you through the rehearsal dinner up to the ceremony…

A unique and modern outdoor fall wedding at Lake George in New York.

Unique wedding map for this rustic, glam Lake George wedding in New York.

A rustic, glam wedding rehearsal dinner the day before at Lake George in Warren County, New York.

A unique, rustic-glam wedding rehearsal dinner along Lake George in New York.

We photographed Adie + Scott’s wedding a few years ago and Janine was a bridesmaid. Adie and Scott live just down the block from us so it was fun to hang out with them at the wedding.

Rustic fall wedding rehearsal at Lake George complete with fresh flowers and water skiing.

Friends and guests celebrate this lakeside rustic wedding at the rehearsal dinner at Lake George in New York.

Future bride and groom at Lake George during their outdoor wedding rehearsal dinner.

Family and friends during an outdoor rustic-glam wedding rehearsal dinner in New York.

Future bride and groom alongside Lake George watching the sunset in New York.

Friends and family celebrate with a welcome party for this wedding weekend in Lake George.

After the intimate rehearsal dinner, we walked the short wooded path to Janine’s house for the Welcome party.

Bride and groom waterski before their outdoor wedding ceremony in Lake George, New York.

I knew we were going to like these two from the minute they told us they planned to waterski the morning of their wedding.

Groom waterskis before his fall wedding ceremony at Lake George in New York.

Bride gets ready before her rustic glam lakeside wedding in Warren County, New York.

Unique rustic invitation details for this lakeside wedding in Warren County, NY.

Bride gets ready before her rustic outdoor wedding ceremony at Lake George in New York.
















Janine and Chris’s wedding continues with their lakeside ceremony, more gorgeous details, and Janine taking Chris for a ride in her boat. Check back in a few days!

You will hear from us shortly