Nana Betty Blows up the Internet

Have you seen this fun-loving, 89 year-old bridesmaid? Of course you have! Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ve seen her radiant smile popping up on every news feed, blog and tv station in site. Nana Betty has gone viral.

We photographed this lovely lady at her granddaughter Christine’s wedding this spring. Nana Betty is beyond sweet and yet that twinkle in her eye and big grin let you know that she’s got some fire in her. She was a riot and had us laughing non-stop.

I talked with the bride Christine on the phone today to see how Nana is enjoying the attention and as you can imagine, she’s perplexed by it. Her granddaughter gives her daily updates of how many “likes” her various pictures have (Bored Panda posted it on FB and had almost 150,000 likes & 11,000 shares within the day). Christine said her retort was “Why would anyone like these pictures of me so much?”  It’s been on Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, US Weekly, national news stations and blogs around the world. It’s been the top trending topic on Facebook and Yahoo. We get calls from as far away as Australia to Brazil. Everyone loves Nana Betty and I can tell her exactly why:

Nana Betty – You are 89-years old and look like a million bucks in that bridesmaid dress. We see your joyous smile and can’t resist smiling back. You are making millions of people smile today, even if it’s just for a minute. It feels good and that is why everyone likes your picture so much.


Nana Betty Grandma Bridesmaid


89 year-old bridesmaid


Check out the full wedding here!

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