Justin + Rachel:
A Super 8mm Film at Pomme

I get real excited when anyone requests Super8 from us on their wedding day. That means so many great things. Here the first 3 reasons I can think of after finishing this film at 3am:
1) We’re most likely on the same page visually/aesthetically and in the same ball park musically I bet.
2) There is a love for traditional film (dare I say a some-what historic process?) and the yip & yowl of the equipment that runs it.
3) A shared belief that wedding films can be more spontaneous and unscripted.

But the bar was set a little higher for myself when Justin and Rachel (along with some help from Rachel’s Dad, Joel) released their stop-animation wedding evite. I mean, it was done well. And I know what kind of time a cohesive film takes. So while I had that on my side, I also knew I wanted to make a great film for not only Justin and Rachel, but also for the whole family. The whole event, really. Here it is. Hope I lived up to it.

Want to see more.?.follow this link to our post of Justin + Rachel’s photos from their festivities at Pomme.


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