Meagan + Massimo:
A Super8 film on the Russian River

It’s September on the Russian River in Guerneville, California. What could really be better then shooting a friend’s wedding here? Massimo, a friend I’ve had since I was 9-ish, who I’ve spent more time in water with than on dry land. The entire wedding party and I are all great friends from way-back, picking up hanging out like we never missed a moment, even amongst the 3000+ miles that lie between. Meagan brings new friends and families are introduced, two rivers merging. To say the least, the confluence makes for an awesome celebration, a blowout party and great shooting.

Meagan and Massimo are warm, bear-hugging-people, comfortably living in mutual weirdness together. They’ll gladly share this with you and you’ll come away with great stories to tell. This time around, my story was on the Russian River. This film was a collaboration between West Coast filming team A&R and me, representing the East Coast. This here is the East Coast Cut.

Check out our post with the photographs from this fantastic weekend.


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