(in Philadelphia)

When the idea of offering boudoir hit the wedding photography scene around 5 years ago, I can’t say I was interested. The pictures I had seen were so overtly sexy they weren’t sexy at all…they ran the gamut of awkward to eew gross. To me, they looked like a 16 year old’s idea of what’s sexy.

But the reality is, boudoir can be incredible. There is something undeniable sexy about a woman who is confident in her body and sometimes it just takes a little encouragement to bring that out. It’s empowering and also a lot of fun. I decided to offer a style of boudoir session that my friends would do (that even I would do) and feel proud of. It’s part fine art, part fashion, and partly a good excuse to buy lingerie. Sometimes it’s quiet and sultry, somethings it’s light and full of laughter; it simply depends on the personality of the subject, the location, and the mood.

I want to give women not only the experience of feeling confident and beautiful in front of the camera, but also to have stunning pictures of themselves at any stage of their life – not just because they are getting married or planning to have a baby (though those are great reasons to have a boudoir session). Will you use some of the pictures to remind your boyfriend, fiance or husband how lucky he is? Sure, that’s what makes it fun. But the best part is, you learn how to let your guard down and feel unabashedly beautiful.










After shooting inside her house, we headed to a nearby secluded meadow for some outdoor boudoir! See her outdoor  boudoir session here.


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