You Are Here 2013

Here we are again. I love these montages of  the year’s Super8 films. It’s a real challenge to try and trim down all the footage into a sweet little 3 minute (or so) film that can draw out the essence of both the Super8 medium as well as the rush of a wedding day. This year a few films come from places like the Russian River Valley of California and the Black Hills of South Dakota. Let’s not forget good ol’ PA, always tride and true. I started this film off with a colorful and celebratory 2-day Indian wedding with Nishali and Jeremy. It’s really something to watch the swing of the dancing during the reception sync with a slow soundtrack on this one.
Looking forward to another year of films in 2014.

While you’re at it, why don’t you take a look at last year’s montage You Are Here 2012.


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