We Make Motion Pictures

Hey, Dutch here. Julie usually writes these posts but I took over the driver’s seat so I could share this new service we’re offering…Super8 Motion Pictures.

If you asked us a few years ago if we’d get involved with motion or videography the answer was a simple “nope”. And we are still not doing “videography”. What we are doing are timeless motion vignettes of your day.

Julie and I didn’t have a videographer at our wedding. Honestly, we couldn’t imagine watching a wedding video of ourselves and not feeling incredibly awkward. Last year, however, an alternative presented itself. My brother got married in Mexico and our friend, who is a movie editor, shot his wedding using an old Canon Super8 camera. I was blown away. This was the missing link.  There’s something about Super8 that feels a little magical, like you are watching someone’s cool indie film, but even better because you’re the main character and you look good. It has merit as an art form in it’s own right, not just a piece of memorabilia from your wedding. It evokes the wonder of a cabinet of curiosities…a literal microcosm of your wedding day. Minute gestures carry as much weight as grand entrances. Super8 is more about evoking the feeling of the day and less about documenting the sequence of events moment by moment.

We will be launching this endeavor officially with a new website in early 2013. As for now I wanted to share this highlight film shot at Congress Hall, Cape May, NJ. Lauren and Micheal were so easy to film and work with. The vintage feel of Super8, with it’s recognizable flicker and nostalgic color palette, was a perfect fit for their wedding.

We are excited to offer Super8 Motion Pictures to both new and existing clients. Contact us if you’re interested, or just plain curious. sweetwaterportraits.com/contact/

You will hear from us shortly