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Alternative Wedding Film Philadelphia | Sweetwater - Super 8



Vintage Beach Wedding Film | Sweetwater - Super 8 - fiim



There is something about Super 8 that feels a little magical. There's the recognizable camera flicker, the yip & yowl of the equipment that runs it and the nostalgic color palette of film...
real film.

It goes beyond being a piece of memorabilia from your wedding, it is an art form in itself. Minute gestures carry as much weight as grand entrances. Super 8 is more about evoking the feeling of the day and less about documenting the sequence of events moment-by-moment.

For us, it's the perfect mix of artistry, documentation, and unobtrusiveness. Super 8 uses minimal equipment and only one shooter. It's simpler. If you've ever sat and watched someone's typical wedding video you may have adopted the adage I have; less is indeed more. - Dutch

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