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Graffiti Pier Engagement Session:
Erika + Mike

It felt like another world. Light filtering through the concrete arches as we quietly made our way into the heart of it. A silence both deferential to the awe-inspiring urban art we were inundated with and a more tip-toeing kind of silence not knowing who or what we might surprise around the corner. It a rough place. It’s a beautiful place. Walking the dirt road into it sometimes felt like a stroll through a bucolic meadow (complete with iconic reflection of Erika and Mike and blue sky and clouds and a tree in a puddle they skirted, holding hands) and other times felt like a shabby apt had been upended on top of us with mattresses, appliances and an old box of Rice-a-Roni thrown about. The old pier itself makes for a perfect hide-out. Room upon room of concrete drenched in graffiti, it seemed obvious there would be squatters here at the very least. But we found ourselves alone to wander. Eyes moving and moving along the walls, the endless graffiti relentless on the senses. What a place. We wandered, pointed out favorites, and eventually found ourselves at the end. One more step and you’re swimming in the Delaware River. Philadelphia skyline in the distance and I’ve never been more in love with our city. Thanks for the adventure Erika and Mike.

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